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Our founder, Don Gatewood, saw an opportunity within West Virginia’s construction community. The growth within our great state had been steadily increasing and numerous infrastructure projects were on the horizon as well as a multitude of opportunities for vertical construction.   With years of experience in commercial settings, he knew a successful general contractor needed laser focus and a great team.  Reaching out to the best and brightest within his network, our core team was assembled and after careful thought and planning, SQP’s focus was realized.  That focus, Safety, Quality, and Performance, quickly became our operating standard. 


It really is that simple.



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SAFETY - From daily safety huddles to detailed safety plans and an internal Safety Committee, this value is ingrained in our company culture.  Nothing will derail a project faster than poor safety standards and practices.  We ensure that every level of our organization and every entity working on our behalf addresses safety on a daily basis at every project working proactively to avoid safety issues through constant observation and reporting.  This additional focus not only protects our employees and every person stepping on-site at a project but also ensures the protection of Project Owners and Investors and the reputation of the project itself. 


QUALITY - With a determined focus on quality we are able to offer our clients exceptional value.  Our design and project management teams focus on build quality in the project plans with a heavy emphasis on value engineering and material selection, with durability designed to surpass the expectations for your project’s completed use.  Our Construction Team will execute your plans flawlessly, utilizing only the best subcontractors and skilled labor as experts in their respective crafts to provide a world-class quality build on every project.


PERFORMANCE - Ready to work with a GC committed to you, your project, and your bottom line?  One that will actually do what they say and work proactively with you to ensure smooth and timely completion of your project?  Performance is at the core of what we do and integrity is everything.  From our Executives to our Project Managers and Superintendents, we all know the importance of representing owners and investors with integrity and exceeding expectations every time.  Our team only hires the best, working with proven and reputable subcontractors and skilled labor and partnering with some of the most experienced engineering and architectural firms to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional at every level of your project from inception to completion.


Smiling Portrait


Smiling Portrait


Cade Vogelsong serves as the Chief Operating Officer for SQP Construction Group and brings a wealth of knowledge in the commercial construction industry and has enabled SQP to add even more strength to our design/build and construction management services...


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