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Active Projects
Take a look at our projects
currently underway and browse examples of safety, quality, and performance of the
SQP team.
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Start Your Project
Let the team at SQP get your next vertical or civil construction project underway.  We even offer design/build services to help your vision become a reality.
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Are you the best at what you do?  Do you have what it takes to win?  See how an opportunity with SQP can help you get ahead.


From daily safety huddles to detailed safety plans and an internal Safety Committee, this value is ingrained in SQP's culture. This core focus not only protects our employees and every person stepping on-site at a project, but it also ensures the protection of Project Owners and Investors and the reputation of the project itself. 

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SQP ensures that every level of our organization makes Safety THE primary focus on a daily basis, which also contributes to focus and higher Quality.


SQP delivers exceptional value to our clients with a determined focus on quality – and is committed to providing a world-class quality build on every project.

SQP also focuses on value engineering throughout the build and is proactive with respect to offering design tweaks to surpass the expectations for your project’s completed use.




Ready to work with a General Contractor committed to you, your project, and your bottom line? One that will actually do what they say and work proactively with you to ensure smooth and timely completion of your project? Performance is at the core of what we do and integrity is everything. 

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